Parent Voice

Your views are important to us. Throughout the year, we will send out surveys to gather your thoughts and opinions and these will be factored into decision making processes within school. 

We'd like to thank all of our families who completed the survey. The results were very positive in all areas. Please click on the link below to access the results. 

Parent Voice


You say, We do Meetings

Every term, Mr Marston, Mrs Guilder and Mrs Ling meet with parents during a drop-in session to discuss ways in which we can enhance our school. We call this 'You Say, We Do'. This is in line with our Christian vision and motto where in our Bible narrative of The Good Samaritan, Jesus said, 'Go and do the same.' We are trying to do exactly that and make the school a great place as every child journey's through from EYFS to Year 6 and beyond. 

Our next scheduled meeting is on Wednesday 27th September at 9am. Please come along and suggest how we can make our school better and we will try to put plans in place, no matter how small or big the matter is. 


You Say, We Do Meeting @ 9:30 on Wednesday 27th September 2023
You Say We Do
You have told us that on occasions, mainly in correspondence, the class names can get confusing. For example, Class 2 is made up of Year Groups 3 and 4. You have told us that in any correspondence, please say the specific Year Groups and bring back class names e.g Years 3 and 4 - Sunflower Class. 

From now, any correspondence directed towards specific year groups will be named with that Year Group, not the number of Class. From JANUARY, we will bring back Class names to make classes even more distinguishable. 


We will no longer use Class 1, 2, 3 and 4. 

You told us that waiting on the pavement to cross the road in the morning can feel dangerous and congested. Pre-Covid, parents and children could wait in the courtyard area which felt safer and easier plus gave the children more independence as this is where many parents/carers would say bye to them. 

The courtyard area will be open from 8:25am so parents and children can gather in a safer place - parents must supervise children to ensure safe passage across the road and good behaviour when waiting in the courtyard. The courtyard gate will be opened at 8:30. To encourage independence, parents can say bye to their children when the gate opens so pupils can walk with their belongings and into class by themselves. 

Tony will still be the Lollipop Man from 8:30 until 8:45am. 

You have told us that you would like more ZigZag roadside markings to ensure more sfaety for parents and children at the start and end of the school day. 

Mrs Ling and I will look into this. More info to follow as and when it happens. 

You told us that a 'Buddy Bench' would be a help on the playground for those children who might be finding break and lunch times challenging. You suggested that a Christian Ambassador could 'walk through the door' and help those children by showing compassion, courage and justice. 



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