Milk in School

The Nursery Milk Scheme entitles all child, under the age of five, to a free 189ml serving of milk whilst at school. A mid-morning break to drink their milk, provides children with health benefits and social opportunities, ensuring they get the most out of their school day.

Children over five may also benefit from drinking milk and parents can pay for their children to receive this by registering with Cool Milk online at:


Fruit and Vegetables in School

The School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme (SFVS) provides a free piece of fruit or vegetable, daily, to every 4-6 year-old (Foundation and Key Stage 1 pupils) who attends a fully state-funded primary school. The scheme is part of the national 5-a-day programme and was set up to get children into the habit of eating fruit and veg every day, giving them a healthy start to life and recuing the risk chronic disease in later life.