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What do you think makes Monkton a distinctly Christian school?

My child has told me quite a few times when Jesus is talked about, the cross in the hall, services in the church and other links to the church, mentioned often in newsletters, etc.


I don’t believe it’s one thing. I think it’s a combination of all aspects at the school. It’s easy to point to collective worship, but it’s more than that. It’s the values, ethos and ethics that are part of the everyday culture.


Connection with the local church and your Christian Foundations


It is evident that Monkton’s Christian foundations underpin everything they do. Their strong sense of compassion, love, faith, hope, nurture and community spirit make Monkton a distinctly Christian school.

What Christian signs and symbols are around to show this?

Compassion, Courage and Justice sign.

Cross, Christian foundations on display throughout the school-reception area, classrooms, hall, corridor. Prayer spaces Re walls in classrooms The big frieze on display in the hall and in all classrooms

Wall and window displays around the school.

What do you think of our new School Motto? Compassion, Courage, Justice - Jesus said, 'Go and do the same.'

I think this is a lovely motto. Shows how caring and nurturing the school is towards our children and teaches how children should be with each other .

I think it's great, but it would be good to understand from a parent perspective, what this actually means and how we can help apply this at home also.

Love it- it’s short enough to be memorable, but includes the Christian Foundations. It’s a true reflection of the school and its ethos.

Do you agree that our Christian Foundations of COMPASSION, COURAGE, JUSTICE give children and staff an understanding of how to act in a Christian way towards each other?

I think it is implemented well into the children’s daily & weekly learning.

Yes- to be kind, brave and to do what’s right is all you can ask of anyone!

Yes, this is a good basic framework to adhere to in life and to build on.

The children tell us that they value gathering together for a daily act of worship and going to the church for special services. Do you agree and why?

I agree as I think it’s important the children have worship & visit the church regularly as it given them the opportunity to understand & make their own choices around religion.

Yes, lovely to have a time for reflection and celebration. And also nice to be able to attend the church to help maintain the schools links with the church.

I feel that gathering together on a regular basis can help a school feel like a more united body and trips to the church can feel special for those that do not regularly attend services.

In RE lessons the children learn about our Christian faith and also the faiths and beliefs of others. How do you think this helps them?

I strongly belive in educating children about other faiths as it helps give the children an opportunity to ask questions and to also grow up accepting that not everyone believes the same as you and that is ok.

Encourages tolerance, understanding and respect for different faiths and their practices, which is essential in todays world

It’s important to have understanding and empathy for everyone. Teaching the children about our religions helps them to understand others better, to be more accepting and aware of others thoughts and feelings, and goes hand in hand with the schools Motto.

In your view, is there anything that could improve Monkton as a Christian school?

I think the school strikes a lovely balance. I think my children love the community at the school, they love going to the church on special occasions. There’s lots of songs and prayers they come home singing.

Communicate with parents what the focus is at worship and potentially bring some materials home to share with parents.

My child is looking forward to Messy Church resuming, either at school or in the village hall.

Here at Monkton, we teach the children Spirituality. What do you as parents understand the meaning to be of 'Spiritual Development'?

Understanding how to connect with God and the sense of peace and calmness it brings.

A sense of self and how we fit into the world.

To me spiritual development is the ability to explore religion. To grow within your own understanding and beliefs, to widen your knowledge and experience.

It relates to fundamental questions about the meaning and purpose of life which affect everyone, and is not dependent on a religious affiliation.

I take spiritual development to be, taking the time to take notice of your surroundings and be grateful for what we have

We welcome your views on Monkton as a church school. Please give any opinions you have about the school if you want to

I absolutely love your school and think that every member of staff that we have had dealings with are so caring and willing to help and listen. I love how family orientated and how compassionate you are. I believe that that comes from church faith.

We have found Monkton to be very welcoming and understanding of every child. They take the time to get to know parents and children.

I think the ethos and culture is wonderful and children from all years seem to know and support each other.

I love the smallness of it, it feels like a family school. All the staff work extremely hard and strive to do their best and offer as many different experiences and challenges for all the pupils

And finally....
Do you know our School Bible Story? What is it?

I read this question out loud to myself and both of my children shouted " the good samaritan".

Honestly no, but I just looked it up and apparently it’s ‘The Good Samaritan’.

Thank you for sharing this on social media recently. I now know it is the Good Samaritan and feel this is important for the children of the school to learn.