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At Monkton Church of England Primary School, we aspire in teaching MFL to foster an interest and enjoyment in learning a language and an enthusiasm to find out about the different cultures around the world. It is intended that when children leave Monkton, they will have a curiosity and desire to experience other countries and communities, realising that in a multi-lingual society, it is an extremely valuable and much sought-after skill to be able to speak a different language. Our aim is to engender the interest and prepare the necessary foundations, to enable them to continue their MFL education at secondary school. 


Children start learning French in Year 3. Language learning is based on the development of four key skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our planning allows for good coverage of these skills over the course of the four years. Pupils gradually develop and build on each competency year by year, as well as learning key grammar rules. By the time students reach year 6 they should have made significant progress in all four skills. 

Learning a new language can be daunting so the lessons combine a mixture of games, songs and activities to make the experience stimulating and fun. Children are given many opportunities to practise their spoken French and we try and make this as relevant as possible by creating real-life scenarios such as  French week, leading up to Le Weekend in Sandwich. 

 Please find below a basic overview of the KS2 curriculum which follows Rising Stars Eurostars scheme of work. 


Autumn 1 

Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2 

Year 3 

Stage 1 

All About Me 

Games and Songs 



The Four Friend 

Growing Things 

Year 4 

Stage 2 

All Aboard 

Pocket Money 

Tell me a Story 

Our Sporting Lives 

The Carnival of Animals 

What's the Weather Like? 

Year 5 

Stage 3 

Healthy Eating 

I am the Music Man 

On the Way to School 

Beach Scene 

The Return of Spring 

The Planets 

Year 6 

Stage 3 

Our School 

The World Around Us 

Then and Now 

Out and About 

Setting Up a Cafe 

What's in the News? 



Pupils progression in reading, writing, speaking and listening is assessed on a half termly basis, using assessments created to link to each stage in the Eurostars scheme of work. Learning walks and book looks are also used to monitor teaching and learning. 

Feedback to pupils about their own progress in MFL is achieved through effective teacher assessment. 

 Effective assessment: 

Aims to help children learn through positive and constructive feedback. 

Is often done while a task is being carried out through discussion between child and teacher. 

Of written work is used sensitively and with discretion in accordance with the schools marking policy. 

Teacher assessments will form the basis of the assessments in MFL to inform the planning for future learning opportunities.

MFL Skills Progression 2023-2024