Head Lice

Head Lice are widespread in the entire population and not just restricted to educational establishments. Please would you check your child/children’s heads on a weekly basis. Follow the detection combing instructions on the leaflets previously provided by us. This advice can also be found on the NHS Choices Website: www.nhs.uk

Emergency Treatment

In the event of your child needing emergency medical treatment, if we are unable to contact you, the school in the person of the Head of School acts in loco parentis. Before a school trip you will be asked to give permission for emergency medical treatment. Two members of our staff are fully qualified Paediatric First Aiders. A number of other staff are trained in Emergency First Aid.


If your child is asthmatic or is prescribed medicine, which need to be taken during school time (i.e. 4 times a day), we are able to administer them. These must be brought to the school office clearly named. You will be required to sign a permission form (download a form from this site)  to enable staff to administer the medication. If your child takes medication regularly please ask your pharmacist to supply you with a 2nd bottle so you will be able to supply the school with a single dose for each day; this avoids the problem of leaving medicines in school overnight/weekends by mistake.

Dental Examinations

The Community Dental Service run a screening programme in Kent Schools. If any treatment is found to be necessary your child will bring home a note informing you.

Nut Free Zone

We have children in school who have an allergic reaction to nuts, this allergic reaction could result in a life threatening anaphylactic shock.  It is not just eating nuts that can make these children ill, but having any kind of contact with products containing nuts, with people who have nut products on their skin or clothes.  

We, as a school, have procedures in place, but it is essential that we have your co-operation to help protect these children.  Nuts are in so many products that extra care is needed when sending in food packed lunches.  Please could you check food labels for any products you send to school. Thank You.


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